to detail,
stitch by stitch

What distinguishes Maristella Mare’s production can be summed up in one word: quality. 

Fashions change and so do market expectations.

One thing, however, does not change in our workshop: at Maristella everything is made strictly by hand.

3 fundamental elements

We pay care and attention to every minute detail of our handcrafted production.

There are three fundamental elements:

  1. The design, which begins with the study of the fabric and is reflected in the cutting of the fabrics, especially where the ‘patterns’ require attention to respect the aesthetic value of the different models; it also means working so that the patterns ‘fall’ in the same way in all sizes.
  2. The fit, to adapt to every type of silhouette and ensure maximum comfort for every woman.
  3. The tailoring, always accurate, with that sartorial cut present in all swimsuits, complements and matching accessories.