Olivia White’s new Resort Collection opts for delicate prints, spotlights and lurex fabrics with handcrafted workmanship, without forgetting fit and comfort.

On sale in the best boutiques.

The ochre, brown and gold shades bring with them the ardour and vitality of the warm colours of the earth. These vibrant tones bring to mind the aridity of the desert and the warm rays of the sun reflecting on the sand. Perfect for days spent on pristine beaches or exploring beautiful desert landscapes.

Coral shades evoke the vibrant, warm energy of terracotta tones. Its sumptuous, bright colours call to mind the atmosphere of a sun-kissed tropical coast. The earthy tones of coral blend harmoniously with tanned skin, creating a sun-drenched, embracing look, perfect for relaxing days at the beach.

Shades of blue and azure celebrate the cool, soothing tones of the ocean and its fascinating seascapes. The delicate, serene colours recall the hues of crystal clear water, foamy waves and endless blue skies. These tones reflect the tranquility of nature and convey a feeling of inner peace, ideal for a relaxing summer on the beach.